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Everything in the universe is energy. But why does it seem like some people have significantly more energy than others? Someone just accomplishes more and has an endurance that is infinite. And it has no relation to their physical form. The energy we are talking about here comes from a mental state. Again, we are talking about Flow, which is a form of energy supply. When you are in Flow, positive stress hormones are released in the blood and they supply the body with energy. Within many cultures, the word "Spirit" is also used for this energy. It is a vital force within us and not a spirit or other being as the word Spirit can also mean. We see energy as a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit which together create your driving force.

Our energy and driving force is therefore a composite quantity that can be influenced from outside, but to a large extent is also influenced by ourselves. If you master your perception (Mind), you will spend far less energy avoiding anxious scenarios or adapting to other people's (or your own) assumptions. But if you do not have control over your perception and your anxiety, you will be in a form of alertness which can drain the body of energy and trigger negative stress hormones.

Purely physiologically (Body) there can of course also be conditions that limit your energy, illnesses and injuries can affect you. But the way you think also affects the physical. There is truth in the fact that you can think yourself both sick and healthy.Finally, the Vital Force (Spirit) can also be stimulated by external conditions. You are certainly familiar with being with people who fill you with energy versus being with people who can drain you and suck all the energy out of the context in which you are now together, both privately and professionally.

When we talk about energy in the FlowEye Institute, we are not talking about consumer energy generated at a power plant. We use the word energy for the universal cohesive force of which we are all a part.

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