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What does it really mean to have a purpose? Do you need to have a purpose?

For many people, both questions are hard to relate to and answer. Especially when it comes to life-purpose the concept becomes intangible and broad. It may be that we find it irrelevant to talk about purpose, we might not want to define ourselves that way. Or maybe we can't. But what holds us back from really defining what gives our lives meaning could also be an underlying fear. A fear of being judged by our surroundings that represent a certain norm.

Some people can very early in life sense their purpose and stand by it firmly. Purpose is closely related to one's Passion and Ambition and some are capable of incarnating those passions in a very pure form.We all know someone who knew, even from an early age, what he or she wanted to do and accomplish in life and never hesitated or had doubts.

It could be to become a carpenter and build houses or other Constructions, it could be becoming an artist or a musician providing experiences to others through expression. Or it could be becoming a doctor or nurse to take care of others.

Some people also find purpose in other things, that is not necessarily a "job", like being a nun, a vagabond or in any other way seeks a life that supports a certain cause or belief.

What matters is that Purpose comes from within and is not dictated by others. If a young person expresses a wish to "change the world" several reactions would be that he or she is naïve and will never succeed.

But we seek acceptance and confirmation from our surroundings, especially when we are young, and if we are met with doubts and scepticism when we express our true desires it might result in us becoming afraid of speaking up and saying what we think. We stop making independent choices about how to live our lives and stop expressing ourselves.

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