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Ambition is a difficult quantity.


For some, the word itself is associated with positive associations, for others, being ambitious is perceived as selfish, striving or otherwise a negatively oriented act. Therefore, the word is often misused and misunderstood.

Ambition is first and foremost our own. What is important to one is rarely as important to another.

Being ambitious means being in touch with what is important to you and persistently going after it.
Every ambition is important and equally worthwhile. One has an ambition to work half-time and do something else the rest of the time, another has an ambition to become a top manager and works full-time.


We tend to understand ambition as something about "surpassing" others. In social relationships (private as well as professional) it also happens that we transfer our own ambitions to others, and start wanting something on their behalf; "If I want to be promoted, it must also be something you want".


It can create major imbalances between colleagues, partners and in other interpersonal relationships if someone is very future-oriented and wants "more" and others would like to be where they are now.

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