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To have passion is to have passion for a cause. Passion is a personal thing and cannot be generalized. Where the individual finds passion is completely individual and can be in one's work, in a hobby, a sport or something else entirely. For everyone, however, it is true that when you engage in something you are passionate about, the energy is often endless, it can feel as if time stands still and everything around you "disappears".


You completely lose yourself in the passion and become one with the process.
This is also what we describe as being in FLOW.

There are many opinions about where one's passion and flow come from. But it is something that is driven by emotion and not something that you can think about or develop. Passion is something you find, something you suddenly experience as an energy in the body and a state of all-encompassing well-being.


We hit what is called the "flow channel" where we are positively challenged, can handle the task in front of us and look forward to throwing ourselves into it. Because it is a "condition" it can also be difficult for some to explain and/or understand. It can be particularly difficult to understand someone else's strong passion for something if you have not found yours yourself and know the feeling on your own body.

Most of us have probably experienced someone else describing and explaining something with great enthusiasm, empathy and contagious joy.


It's passion.

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