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Engagement is not to be confused with interest. Being interested in something is not the same as being engaged. Interest is often a brief and sometimes superficial exploration of something - it is thought based. Engagement goes deeper and connects with one's emotions. Engagement is where you act and actively contribute and add something. It can be in relation to family, friends, colleagues – all kinds of communities you are part of.


Being engaged in something means that you add a lot of energy. The ability to do this depends on one's ability to be present in the moment and to put words into action. You probably know the expression "Walk the talk", which means that what you say is also what you do. However, actions often get lost in the fact that we as humans want to evaluate, rationalize and assess.


Several studies show that we spend up to 50% of our time "mind wandering" and daydreaming rather than being present exactly where we are right now. When we think about what we or others should have-, should have- or could have done or what we must, should and can do in the future, we leave the present and the potential we have to act. We let the perception dominate and it "sticks to the talk".

Within positive psychology, commitment is an important factor for mental well-being and the feeling of living a happy life. In this context, commitment means that you experience putting all your abilities and strengths to use, you are challenged by something you have a passion for and become engrossed in a task and go "all in" to solve it.

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