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Mindset Alignment


When a group wants to establish a Mindset Alignment we offer to design a hand-made facilitation that has it's anchor in 25 years of conducting this facilitation service. 

The "Group Flow" programins design to accommodate the need for a well-known method with a special perspective that looks into the "teams" current and desired stages.


It includes discussing and dialogues about the business, the market, agile leadership disciplines, digital workflows and organizational well-being .. or simply discover current reality with the group and create a plan on how to change for the better going forward.


ININVESTMENTis 13,500 EURadding up depending on how large the team is and additionalwhat will be included in the workshop. 

Travel, food and accommodation are covered
by participants themselves or as a group. 


A Mindset Alignment mentorship is "tailored made" to the group.

No two teams have the same rhythm and need for change. Therefore, it is planned based on the desire of the participant


A program consist  5 x 3 hours walks with the group leader. Of those 3 are before the workshop facilitation and 2 are after. Before the workshop facilitation all team members need to do  1:1 walks for 2-3 hours with our flow facilitator lead.

The workshop facilitation is 2 days (with an overnight) on one of FlowEye Institute locations depending on group size. 

The above  format is a "frame" but that's all it is. No two facilitations are alike therefore its always "hand made" to accommodate the group's situation, momentum and style.

But using nature is always "built in".


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