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A manifesto is a (written) statement of principles and intentions that help you keep direction in your life.

It can act as a framework around your actions and actions and remind you of your values, principles and intentions

that underlies what you do or choose not to do.

We have probably all at some point experienced ourselves or someone else saying Yes to something even though we meant No, or we have withdrawn
from a debate because it was easier than presenting a clear position.


The form of a manifest can vary and contain different elements. The important thing is that it expresses what you stand for and value. How you would like to be in life, towards yourself and others.

Writing something down – whether you share it with others or not – makes it more deeply integrated into you. Writing down is a form of expression that creates an anchoring and a tangibility and thus a greater precision in the understanding of your manifesto. Achieving this precision or deeper understanding of what you stand for can contribute to behavior.


If you can clearly express your manifesto to yourself, it will bemuch easier to communicate with others. They will find it easier to relate to who you are.


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