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Ambition is a tricky concept.


For some people the word itself has positive associations, for others it is perceived as a selfish, greedy and in other ways negative characteristic. This unfortunately results in a common misunderstanding and misuse of the word.


First and foremost, Ambition is our own. What is important for one person is rarely equally important for the other. To be ambitious means that you understand what is important for you and consistently aim for that.

Any ambition is important and equal to all others. One person might have an ambition to work half time and do something else the rest of the time, while another might aim for the Executive position and spend all his or her time at work. We have a tendency to see ambition as being about overachieving and superiority.


In social relations (private and professional) it also happens that we transfer our own ambitions to others. We encourage them to act differently and” want something” on their behalf.”

If you want to get promoted and climb the career ladder it must be something you want as well”. It can create imbalance between colleagues, partners and other interpersonal relations, if someone is very forward oriented and others feel perfectly fine staying where they are right now.

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