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A manifest is a written statement about your principles and intentions that supports you in maintaining direction in your life. You can see it as a frame around your life that reminds you off your values, your principles and intentions that are the foundation of what you do and not do.

We have all experienced ourselves or someone else say Yes to something even though what we meant was No. Or we have pulled away from a discussion because that was easier than presenting our point of view. In all relations we meet our considerations and decisions are easier balanced and expressed when having a clear manifest.

The format of a Manifest can vary and contain different elements. What is important is that it expresses your beliefs and aspirations. How you want to show up in life, for yourself and for others.

Writing a manifest – no matter if you share it with others or not – makes it more real and rooted within you at a deeper level.


Writing is a form of verbalising that makes thoughts and ideas more tangible and doable. In the process of writing we work towards a greater understanding and precision of our manifest. Achieving this precision and understanding of what you stand for can actively contribute to your behaviour. If you are able to clearly express to yourself what your manifest is, it also becomes much easier to express to others. In return, others will find it easier to relate to who you are. You will experience ability to stand up for and be true to yourself.

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