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Everything in the universe is energy. But why does it seem like some have much more energy than others. Some perform at a higher pace than others and seem to be tireless. And it has nothing to do with their physical form. The energy we are talking about here comes from a mental state. The refers back to Flow.


Flow is a source of energy. When you are in flow you release positive stress hormones into your blood, and they fire up your energy. In many cultures the word ”Spirit” is used to describe this form of energy. You can think of it as a vital power within us – not a ghost or other creature as many might think when they hear the word spirit. We see energy as a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit that in coherence creates your power, your drive.

Our energy and driving force is influenced both from external factors, but also from our internal state.
If you master your perception (Mind), you will use far less amounts of energy avoiding fear and anxiety or adjusting your behaviours and expressions to others good opinion.

But if you are not aware of and manage your perception and your fear, you will be in a subtle state of alertness that can drain the body from energy and at the same time release negative stress hormones. From a physiologic (Body) standpoint there can of course be conditions that limits your energy. It can be a disease or an injury that affects you. But the way you think about those can in itself influence the physical form. It is true that you can think yourself sick, but you can also reverse that.
Lastly, external conditions can also stimulate your vital power (spirit). You probably have experienced spending time with people who fills you with energy. And you have probably also experienced the opposite. Some social relations, private or professional tend to suck out all present energy from a setting.

People who are connected to their passion are often givers of energy and inspiration, and if you are following your passion there is a good chance that others see you in exactly that way.

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