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To have passion is to have a strong devotion towards something. Passion is a personal thing. Where one finds it is unique to the individual and it can be anywhere from in your job, a hobby, a sport or something completely different.


What applies to everyone who connects with their passion is that they experience endless energy and it may feel is if the concept of time does not exist. We simply lose track of time and disappear into whatever the activity is.


We become one with the process. This is also what we refer to as being in Flow.

There are many opinions about where your passion and Flow comes from. It is not something you can develop or think to life. It is connected with your emotions. Passion is something you find. It materialises as an energy and a feeling of complete well-being in your body. We move into what is called the “Flow Channel”. Here we are positively challenged; we know we have the situation under control and meet it with great anticipation.

Because it is a ”state of mind” it can also be difficult to explain or understand. If you have not found your own passion it is especially hard to understand how others can feel so strongly about something and be so absorbed by it. You have probably experienced somebody describe or explain something with great enthusiasm, engagement and contagious joy.


That is passion.

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