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Invest in knowing your self

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The mentor program takes place in nature on long walks because it combines thought activity with light, fresh air and exercise.


Experience shows that it is easier to open up and discover new perspectives when you go "side by side" while reflecting on your current and desired state.


A mentorship is accessed via 25 hours prepaid  coaching, which primarily includes 5 "Walk & Talks" in Dyrehaven or Tibirke Bakker additional including  preparation and follow-up time.


DKK 50,000 

A mentorship is "tailored made" to the individual.

No two people have the same rhythm and need for change. Therefore, it is planned based on the desire of the participant for intensity, speed of movement, how far you go and at what times on the day.

It is also planned individually what is needed between two sessions, where preparation is done via customized exercises, which can be guided per. phone or online meetings.

It is intentionally nature is used and it is a requirement for a course.

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