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A compass is a provider of direction. What we mean with Compass is about being in tune with your emotions and your Flow, knowing how to use these as you make decisions.

Throughout life we are met by opportunities and challenges. As we navigate through these we use our Compass. The Compass helps us prioritize, say Yes and No. Our Compass is a form of intuition or instinct.

However, decisions we make are often made in a hurry, with only shallow connection to our intuition and the wisdom it holds.

Decisions can be made on the basis of perception, but far too rarely are they based on what we feel in our body. Does a direction feel right or wrong?

Just as a Compass is moving based on the magnetic fields of the earth, you are pulled in different directions by your surroundings. You may not even notice it and all of a sudden you can't even explain how and why you got to where you are. Knowing and applying your Compass helps you avoid these detours. This requires you to understand your original path, direction and goal.

Through the work with the FlowEye genes you will become more aware of your current state and your desired future state. You can think of it as a calibration of your Compass to stay on your route, no matter what directions you are being pulled towards by others.

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