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One's compass can be equated with a direction finder. When we talk about Kompas, it's about being in touch with your feelings and your flow and understanding how to use these when making decisions.


Throughout life we are all met with opportunities and challenges, and when you choose your way through these you use your compass. The compass helps to prioritize, say yes and say no. We can look at the compass as a form of intuition or instinct.

Often, however, we make decisions quickly and on a superficial basis and do not use our intuition and the wisdom that lies within
therein. Decisions can e.g. be guided by logic, habits and perception, but all too rarely do we take the time to feel, all the way into the body, whether a direction works right.

Just as a compass is guided by the earth's magnetic fields, you are also pulled in certain directions by your surroundings. You can be drawn into paths and detours and completely lose track of how you ended up there. Knowing and understanding how to use your compass and avoid these detours requires working to understand your original path, your direction, and your goal.


Through working with the FlowEye genes, you will become more aware of your starting point and be able to create a picture of a desired future state. You "calibrate" your compass, so to speak, and keep your original direction, regardless of what your surroundings think.

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