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The mentor course helps you with your personal development as you are guided through a well-known and structured journey.The place where you thrive and are mostly in flow.

The most essential  thing you can deal with is finding the way to your inner self. To the place that drives you. Some experience a calling. A goal so important to them that they will do anything to achieve it. For others, it may be a more down-to-earth matter of the heart. You may be fascinated by an industry, a product or an activity that you want to dedicate your life to.

What matters is not what it is. But finding your flow, and going with it, is primarily to be able to combine meaning, happiness and reward.

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We help people find a pathway to meaning
which creates focus and triggers flow

Having FlowEye is being able to see
when you are in flow and know how to get there.

We guide people to awakening in Mind, Body & Spirit.

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